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How to review a book on Amazon (mobile)

Did you know that leaving a rating or review is one of the most valuable things that you can do to support a book you love? It is. Somehow, reviews get the algorithms humming, and spread the word about a book.

Also, you don't have to have purchased a book from Amazon to write a review of it there. (You do have to have spent over $50 on Amazon in the past year to leave a review).

So here's how you do it from your phone.

1. navigate to the book you want to review on This is the page for LIFESTYLES OF GODS AND MONSTERS (which I can't review, but you can, if you like.)

Amazon page for Lifestyles of Gods & Monsters

2. scroll down to the reviews. (this can sometimes be a long scroll!) Click the arrow next to customer reviews.

customer ratings

3. you may have to sign in (I did).

(if you aren't already)

4. This is where you fill in your review. You can write a full review if you like, but even a rating alone has a lot of value. The more ratings a book has, the better. LIFESTYLES has 31, but 50 or 100 would be much better.

review page

Once you're done, you should get this screen. And that's it - that's all you have to do!

Review submitted - Hooray!

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