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Lifestyles of Gods & Monsters

How do you keep a secret when every minute of your life is packaged up and sold to the world? 

Greek mythology meets the Kardashians in Emily Roberson's Lifestyles of Gods and Monsters, a fresh, fast-paced debut young adult novel about celebrity culture, family dynamics, and finding love amidst it all.

- Praise - 

"Roberson expertly modernizes Greek mythology with a very Kardashian twist." - Publishers Weekly

"A fresh new twist on an enduring myth." - Kirkus

"A novel mix of The Hunger Games, Keeping up With the Kardashians and Greek mythology that will draw in former Percy Jackson fans looking for a more grown up read." -School Library Journal

"Hold onto your hat! Greek mythology meets reality TV 

in this audiobook--with a bit of dystopian novel thrown in as well." - Audiofile Magazine

"Steamy, witty and heart-breaking, Emily Roberson has given us a fast-paced  love story and family chronicle set in a world that ingeniously marries Greek Mythology with today's celebrity culture." - Marit Weisenberg, author of Select and Select Few

"A wild and delightful mashup between myth and modern technology." - Yangsze Choo, author of the Night Tiger

"This myth with modern trappings will have no trouble hooking an eager audience." - Booklist


Emiy Roberson life motherhood perfect handbag

LIFE, MOTHERHOOD & THE PURSUIT OF THE PERFECT HANDBAG is a laugh-out-loud funny look at the trials and joys of working parenthood and a great read for anyone (with children or not) who can't figure out how to meet expectations at work and in her personal life while keeping space for her own ambitions and dreams.

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