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How to review a book on Amazon (desktop)

Are you wondering how to help authors you love right now? I have a great way - leaving ratings or reviews of their books on! We hear a lot about algorithms, and even though most of us don't understand them, they make a huge difference in getting book seen and read. Reviews, both good and bad, can change the algorithm, providing a huge boost for a book. An important note about reviews on Amazon: you do not need to have bought a book on Amazon to review it there. But, you do need to have spent at least $50 on Amazon in the past year to be able to leave a review. So if you never shop on-line, forward this email to a friend who does! Here's how it works (this is from a desktop, if you want to use your phone, I have a tutorial here) Step 1, on, find the book you want to review. This is the page for LIFESTYLES OF GODS AND MONSTERS, but it works for any book.


Step 2. Scroll down to customer reviews (note - sometimes this is a long way down the page). You can see that LIFESTYLES currently has 31 ratings, a better number would be 50 or even 100 or more. Click on Write a Customer Review.

customer review

Step 3. This is where you write your rating or review. If you feel like writing something, go ahead, but a rating is also super-valuable.

ratings page

Also, don't worry that you should only review books if you are planning to give 5 stars. What matters is that the reviews are fair and honest. If you read a book and you thought it was a 3 star book, feel free to say so. (Even for LIFESTYLES - don't worry, I don't read my reviews, so I won't be mad. I promise.)

Step 4. If you are successful, this should be the message you get!

Success page!

Hope this helps! Don't forget, writing reviews is a great way to help authors.

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